November 25, 2022

Nike Kyrie 7 “Mother Nature” Sneaker

Bound by the shared tragedy of losing their mother at an early age, Kyrie Irving and Sneakerroom founder Suraj Kaufman forged a close bond that resulted in one of the most famous shoe-dropping series of the past decade. . The two worked with Nike to design special-edition colorways of Kyrie Irving signature shoes, each decorated in an affectionate mix of reds, pinks and golds to reflect their undying love for their mothers. For 2022 and the Kyrie 7, the two have decided to take interpretation to the next level by concocting two colorways inspired by Mother Nature.

Kaufman tells @conference room “We were talking about mothers and how we become: Mother Nature. Mother Earth. Let’s touch this aspect… Let’s touch the elements. These elements of land, sea, air and fire are clearly displayed on both pairs, with heel artwork done in a way you’d see in children’s books. The Swoosh logos are overlaid with heart-shaped logos, continuing the “I love you mom” tradition – a tradition that has turned into a charity movement that has raised over half a million dollars.

Both pairs will come out on next week; 1,996 pairs of the green + yellow set will be available for $175, and only 525 pairs of the blue + orange edition are priced at $250.