November 25, 2022

Nike Cosmic Unity – Anthony Davis Basketball Shoe

Despite missing the game, Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis still managed to score a highlight in the defending champ’s preseason shootout against the Clippers. He launched the Nike Cosmic Unity, an upcoming basketball shoe that is certainly different from what we have seen from the brand lately. There is a kitchen sink of details in this shoe, which, based on the name, implements progressive concepts related to the universe.

The exterior of the shoe features a distorted mesh, while similar wavy lines appear around the ankle collar. Raised 3D spherical detailing on the rounded orbs of the midsole, which we have to say resembles the design of the Reebok Question. The domed achilles piece is molded over the heel, but beyond aesthetics, it acts as a heel counter for stability. An enlarged Swoosh features a blend of colors that resembles a planetary surface. It’s not entirely clear what the cushioning package takes into account Davis’ variety of preferred cushions, although his fondness for the Kobe 5 Protro suggests a possible forefoot zoom.

Perhaps the most interesting detail is the least obvious. On the forefoot is enigmatic lettering reading CMUBB, which we assume is a condensed form of Cosmic Unity Basketball.

Davis, who has been a Nike athlete since entering the league in 2012, does not yet have an actual signature shoe. On the contrary, it has received numerous exclusives for gamers for low-cost models such as the Air Max Audacity series and the modern Air Force Max series. In his time with LA, he rode the Kobe Protro.

As we approach the regular season, Nike may make an official announcement on the shoe soon, so stay tuned.

Photo: single collector